Fajr Memorial Foundation

Fajr memorial Foundation

How You Can Help Save A Life/ DONATE

There are many ways an individual can Help FMF with their worthwhile cause:

First, One of the most important things FMF needs to thrive into a successful Charity is: YOU. Volunteers are the basis of any Charity, and FMF welcomes all the Volunteers it can get! They are many types of Volunteers:                                                                                     

  • Trainers: Trainers are volunteers who are able to swim and might have some experience in teaching how to swim. They would be willing to take the time out their busy days to teach young girls and boys how to swim. [For this category, you must be over 18. We are looking for both Male and Female trainers, as Girls and Boys will be taught separately, with Trainers from the same Gender]
  • Saviors: Saviors are volunteers who would also have to know how to swim. Saviors would not be teaching students, but would be acting like lifeguards at a swimming session. Multiple Saviors would be involved with a Trainer during a Swimming Learning Session. [Unlike Trainers, Saviors can be Volunteers as long as they are 14 and above, and have Working Papers. We are also looking for both genders in this category.]
  • Handy Helpers: Handy Helpers, unlike Trainers and Saviors, do not need to know how to swim. They would assist FJF by recruiting new trainers and swimming pools, helping with fundraising, and other tasks that are required in handling a non-profit organization. [For this field, you are eligible to be a volunteer if you are 14 and above and possess working papers. Both genders are welcomed.]        

 All three types of Volunteers are needed. Because we will be a 501 (c) Non-profit Organization, we are eligible for school volunteer hours. You Can Download A Volunteer Application and Waiver Form from the "Application Form" Tab. Please Scan & Send Your Filled Out Application to fajrmemorialfoundation@gmail.com. We will contact you as soon as Possible.

Thank You For Your Time.

      Donate Today

 Another Way You can help is giving a monetary donation. The up keeping of an Organization, from its website to actually providing the swimming lessons, cost a lot of Money. FMF relies on the generous contributions of People like You. Please help us keep the legacy of Fajr Javid going strong by giving a contribution.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can donate straight through this website yet, You can contact FMF by clicking "contact us." Or you can contact us @

Fajr Memorial Foundation

PO Box 620791

Little Neck, NY11362 

Feel Free to use the Facebook Page, Twitter Account, or email provided on the Homepage to contact us.

All Contributations are welcomed and aprreciated.