Fajr Memorial Foundation

Fajr memorial Foundation

About Our Organization

            On June 26th, 2010, Fajr Javid drowned during a family

vacation to a camping trip.

She was an intelligent, caring, and lively nine-year old girl from Queens, New York. Up to her death, Fajr remained thoughtful of others, as she had given away her own life vest to a younger swimmer  right before her death.

Her dream was to help the people she loved the most"children" by becoming a Pediatrician. Fajr left behind many people: Family, Friends, and Teachers who were overcome by this tragic loss of young life. 


Today, her loved ones try to keep her message going strong, and The Fajr Memorial Foundation helps them do so.

The Goal of FMF is raise awareness to the large numbers of cases of drowning people within the United States. Every day approximately nine people lose their lives by drowning, six of whom are minorities.



FMF strives to break barriers, whether it is a religious observance where males and females can’t swim together or financial problems, to help people learn how to swim.

The Fajr Javid Foundation will help boys and girls learn how to swim, separately, so that the tragic loss that the Javid’s had to face does not haunt the lives of other families.

FMF works on the support of a network of family and

friends that love Fajr Javid and hope to help make her dream of helping children come true.